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Thursday, October 19, 2006

worm log

no smell yet. today will be the turning point... I just added a way wilted, soggy head of romaine to the top half of the first tray and covered it with shredded mail. bye bye credit card bills. it is becoming apparent that becoming organic will take some planning....Does the makeup of the worm bin matter? Levels of outgassing from container? Toxicity and makeup of paper and inks. trader joe flyer is okay. merely i am in the pilot phase, just trying to keep what's dead dead and what's alive alive.
The worms are thriving. Babies are born. I was shocked and bemused at the shiny emerald sacs attached to the now white celery stalks. Venus of wormiwonder. This is good because i need more worms... I have a lot a garbage. suggestions to chop worms in half appear to be poor advice upon research. worms have several key organs that cannot stand alone. The bigger half will regenerate the amputated segment, whereas the shorter piece will wither. Still only one worm population explosion might be a good thing for me.
It's getting cold out. I hauled out my winter clothes from storage. The worm bins might go into my basement and even my storage locker if my landlord get creepy. worm discrimination? who knows? that's why i'm monitoring the smell-o-meter to document my case. Several Indians have told me about local composting silos where cow dung, and just about everything else cooks through itself to become fertilizer.
Worm bin #1 was constructed from three plastic portable hanging-file-folder containers. I got them from kmart for 9 bucks each, i think.


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